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Your pool is becoming too cold too quickly. Is this the case? Do you want a Heat Solution that is effective for you?

It is indeed crucial to emphasize how essential it is to ensure high hygienic levels for your pool and maintain the desired temperature. Many pool owners may find it hard to meet such standard conditions, which is why we are available to provide our clients with top quality and a reliable pool heating solution.

The use of electricity and natural gas is not in our service line. Instead, we install a solar-powered heating system in your pool to make sure the temperature is comfortable enough for a good swim. The Orlando Solar Heating Solution installation is a quick process that takes only a few days so you need not to worry about any swimming delays.

The installation of electricity and gas heating systems come with high initial costs, a barrier that pool owners should try to avoid. Also, you incur significant amounts in electricity bills every month to fuel the system along with other overhead costs, all in the name of keeping your family protected from potentially dangerous chemical exposure.

Orlando Solar Panel Pool Heaters

Installing a solar pool is the most efficient and practical method of keeping your pool warm, whether at home or your business premises. The water stored in the black pipes is heated using naturally collected heat directed onto them. Afterwards, the heated water is pumped onto the pool area keeping the pool water at a comfortable temperature above the normal.

Swimmers generally prefer temperatures around 90 degrees Fahrenheit to be able to make regular visits and have adequate fun at the pool.

In brief, a solar panel pool heater equipment uses the natural energy from the sun to heat your pool water. Solar panel pool heaters are now well known and preferred by many pool owners. The three types of solar pool heating systems present in Orlando include:

Directional Solar Pool Heater (Y shaped panels)
This is a solar energy device that is normally fixed at the roof. The components include a heat exchanger, a central controller, collectors and pumps. The panels used are Y-shaped allowing the collection of maximum heat for use.
Flat Plate Collectors (Flat panels)
The flat plate collectors are also referred to as flat plate solar panels. The internal parts are coated with stainless steel absorber plates whereas the external design consists of aluminum frames. It’s not possible to alter the orientation as it remains stationary irrespective of the place it’s positioned. The vertical or horizontal direction is the most efficient way you can check the cheap panels on the screen.
Evacuated Tube Collectors (Tubes)
Evacuated tube collectors are the most costly type of solar heating systems. The water inside is heated in tubes made of plastic or glass as it flows through the collector. The entire system is designed in the most effective way to collect adequate energy for your pool water and prevent much heat loss. For this type of system, repairs are done by replacing the entire components. Therefore, when a tube gets damaged, the only option available is to restore the whole system.


Visit our website to know your way around the solar heating systems discussed above, the installation, elements of operation, and many other guidelines. Besides, we have a customer support system on our website that allows you to ask questions in chats and get answers.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Solar Panel Pool Heater?

Getting access to less than 4 hours of natural sunlight daily in the United States has its pros and cons. Come to think of it, you could be unnecessarily pouring your hundreds of dollars to cater for gas and electricity-powered heating systems for warming your pool water.

Instead, you can acquire a solar pool heater in Orlando and we’ll source you the most efficient, affordable and environmentally sound product in the market. Doing this saves you a reasonable amount of money to utilize somewhere else, you’ll also have the perfect spot to chill out on the warm summer.

Do Solar Pool Heaters Save Energy? If Yes, How Much?

Don’t underestimate the cost savings related to solar pool heating system. To make it clear, installing a solar heating system can save you 25-30 percent of heating costs each year. Reviews from our customers show that adopting our eco-friendly solar systems as an alternative to electricity and gas saves you an approximate annual figure of up to $1000-$1200. With a full installation, you’ll also avoid the costs of maintenance that would have been added to your budget had the project not been complete.

Are Solar Pool Heaters Reliable?

Yes! Apart from being authentic, solar pool heaters save many pool owners a lot  of cash every year and enable them to store valuable energy. Also, it is the most eco-friendly system that allows them to lead a more sustainable life. For the last 50 years, solar heating systems have proven to be quite reliable.

Solar Pool Heating Companies

Orlando, FL Solar Panel Heater Installation & Repair

Whichever type of Orlando solar pool heater repair you prefer, we’ll be there to make sure that your system is well installed and maintained. Our solar pool heater repair services are not only the best quality, but are also available at acceptable prices to ensure you do not struggle with high costs. We are proud of providing excellent services to the people of Florida, and we strive to top the list of solar pool heating providers in terms of quality.

How Can I Install A Solar Pool Heater in Orlando?

Solar pool heaters can be installed in different ways, depending on the type and specifications of the heaters. Our heating solutions can be installed in the following three ways:

  • The most simple method is to fix it directly onto the flat roof surface.
  • Alternatively, you can install it at an appropriate spot on the roof, which will ensure direct access to natural sun’s rays and absorb maximum amount of energy.
  • If there is limited space on your roof or it’s not convenient due to leaks, you may want to consider installing it in your yard with the help of ground mounts.

It is the duty of our talented technical team to make sure that your Orlando solar pool heating system is installed appropriately in your preferable location so that it can provide consistent services for many years without the need for repairs. If you need any clarifications about the installation process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How Much Is the Cost of a Solar Panel Pool Heater?

When calculating the total cost of a solar pool heater in Orlando, you must take into consideration the different factors that affect price. The type and size of the equipment are the most obvious features to note. A bigger pool will definitely need a higher capacity solar panel, meaning higher costs. Be free to contact us any time with your specifications so that we can provide you with a relevant quotation for your solar heating solution.

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Solar pool heaters in Orlando, Florida

Your pool should be more than just a place to have fun when the ocean is freezing. The weather constantly changes, and our pools can become quite cold even during the summer. In such a circumstance, the question is whether or not your pool heater functions properly. Solar-heated swimming pools can be costly, but solar-heated water heaters are less costly to set up and maintain than conventional water heaters. Being a long time resident of Orlando, you are most probably aware of the fact that the sun shines constantly throughout the year.

What is it about solar batteries that makes them so ineffective?


Solar Pool Heater Installation in Orlando

Selecting a solar pool heating system can be very overwhelming considering the various options and functions. For ease, take into consideration hiring an expert in the field who is talented in the installation of solar water heaters. It is a recommended method of installing solar water heaters.

Is it possible to heat the pool with a solar-powered pool heater?

Many are built with panels that can accommodate multiple tubes, and installing them ensures that they absorb the maximum amount of solar energy daily. The pump uses this system of pipes to remove sand from your pool, transfer the water to a heat exchanger, and then return it to the collector through the tube.

Extend Your Swim Season!

Leaf residue and other solid particles can be removed by pumping the water through a filter, which is typically your existing pool pump, as mentioned earlier. Heliocol panels ensure high heat, so they are used to transfer heat from one side of a water body to another. In the swimming pool, the water is absorbed and heated to comfortable temperatures for swimming.


There are five interesting facts about solar heat pumps that you should be aware of.

Installers of solar energy systems in Orlando

Do not forget that a heat pump cannot heat your pool at the speed of light. This is a very important thing to remember. The most effective method of using Heliocol Solar Pool Heaters is as follows: On a cloudy day (50 degrees), it may take two days for your 10,000 square foot pool to reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Heating your pool using a solar pool heater, on the other hand, may require up to four days to hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Despite their expensive nature, these are perfect for large swimming pools used consistently all year and for which you want to cut costs. At this time of year, you would most probably only use the pool on weekends due to the cold temperatures, which are suitable for air conditioning units at that time.

Solar pool heating

Investing in a solar pool is a perfect choice because they are affordable, and allows your family to conveniently have a good time at the pool without the use of gas or electricity.

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There are many good reviews on the internet about solar energy and pool heating. Give us the chance to make your experience as perfect as possible. Visit our Testimonials site for more details.

Solar power

Installing solar panels will source you reliable energy for electricity for the first time in your lifetime. Solar energy can significantly  reduce your energy bills. Could you possibly figure out how to do it?

Orlando FL solar pool heating solutions

There are many solar pool heating companies serving Orlando. With a solar-powered pool heater, you can enjoy the warmth of the sun throughout the year! See the link provided below for more information on how it works: The solar pool heaters installed by Zone Heating & Cooling in Orlando are particularly designed to provide you with the most enjoyable solar pool heating experience. Pool heaters, when properly installed, can make you prolong your swimming season and save you money on energy bills.

How do solar energy systems operate?

Learn more about the advantages of using solar energy, how it works, and get started! It is common practice to install solar pool heating systems in Orlando daily. Visit our website for more tips on how you can improve your pool heating experience. We are Orlando’s premier solar installer during the swimming pool season, and we take pride in that.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to heat a pool in Orlando?

It is estimated that the average annual cost will range between $1,000 and $3,500, depending on the temperature of the water used. It is most commonly used during the hotter months between May and October.

How much will a solar heater heat my pool?

From 76 to 90 degrees Celsius, the air temperature is comfortable.